The Right Carb Mix to Fuel Your Muscles


When fuelling during exercise, two carbs are better than one – having two carbohydrate types actually results in 50% more carbs being absorbed per hour than single carb options such as glucose. This is because the glucose transporter pathway can become saturated (and therefore unable to transport any more glucose), so by introducing a second carbohydrate type that uses a different absorption pathway, you can get around this issue (literally) and increase the total amount of carbs absorbed.

Glucose is only absorbed at 1g per minute (providing 60g of carbs per hour), whilst a glucose/fructose combination is absorbed from the gut at a rate of 1.5g per minute (providing 90g of carbs per hour), meaning more available fuel for your muscles, leading to increased performance potential.


An additional benefit of using dual carb sources is their different rate of metabolism. Glucose is the bodies preferred source of muscular energy, being rapidly metabolised and turned into energy. In contrast, high-quality fructose is a slower, more sustained-release energy source as it needs to travel via the liver before it can be metabolised into a useable source of muscle fuel. Maltodextrin is a branched-chain glucose polymer that rapidly breaks down into glucose in the gut. By using a combination of maltodextrin and high quality microcrystalline fructose, you get both instant and sustained-release energy…giving you the boost you want, without the crash.


We know dual-carbs are a superior energy option. But don’t take our word for it, a number of studies support a maltodextrin and fructose combination:
  • Maltodextrin and fructose, (combined with electrolytes) consistently improved cyclists performance during a 40 km time trial compared to the placebo group.
  • Using a combination of maltodextrin and fructose decreased the level of fatigue cyclists experienced during a two hour time trial.
  • Further studies have been conducted, which measured the performance of endurance athlete using either a glucose/fructose combination drink, or a glucose only drink during endurance exercise. The glucose/fructose drinks were associated with greater improvement in both performance and power during endurance exercise than using a glucose only drink.


Caffeine is well-known for reducing fatigue and improving endurance, and actually has the ability to boost your metabolic rate, resulting in improved energy absorption. However, caffeine does have the potential to cause gastric upset in higher doses and what medical types call a "gastrocolonic response", which is technical speak for an urgent need to find a toilet (ever heard of an expresso enema?). This is why Endura Energy Gels only contain 8.5mg of caffeine – enough to improve energy absorption and gastric emptying, whilst minimising the potential negative effects caffeine can have on the gut. And to further reduce the risk of any gut upsets, all Endura Energy Gels are 100% Gluten free.

If you do opt to go for a higher caffeine energy option, we’d recommend taking it later in your session the first few times you try it, until you’re familiar with how it affects you.


Endura Gels are a fast, convenient source of fuel to keep you from hitting the wall over the long haul, providing 26 g of instant and sustained-release carbs shown to improve exercise performance and reduce fatigue. And the good news is that incorporating them into your nutrition plan is really easy, we recommend you take one Energy Gel:

  • 15 minutes before longer (1 hour plus) or high intensity sessions – to maximise your initial energy levels.
  • Every 30 minutes during exercise – to maintain energy levels and ensure you don’t hit the wall.
  • Directly after exercise – to replenish glycogen levels and help recovery.

Aim to wash down every Energy Gel  with 300 mL of water to make them an isotonic formula, which is faster and easier to digest/absorb and reduces likelihood of digestive upset. We also recommend incorporating electrolytes into any longer duration or high intensity session (especially in hot or humid conditions), to ensure you keep your hydration and electrolytes topped up.



DON’T WAIT: If you wait until you’re getting low on energy before you top up, it’s too late. Start early (around the 30-45 minute mark), so you’re getting fresh energy before your body’s stores are completely tapped. Ask any experienced athlete what it feels like to hit the wall…it’s not pretty or fun.

WATER OPTIMISES DIGESTION: Gels work best when they’re washed down with around 300mL of water – this makes the Gels isotonic and helps speed digestion, reducing the chance of stomach upsets and helping you get fresh energy FAST.


When you’re pushing yourself hard, you want your refuelling options to be something to look forward to, not something you have to struggle to get down. That’s why we’re always refining and developing our Energy Gel flavours and texture, to ensure they are best in class. We’re always working on new flavour ideas, so check out the latest range here, with an extensive range and new options coming through, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, consult your health professional.