Performance Hydration Tips


Endura Rehydration Performance Fuel is the pinnacle of over 20 years of sports hydration research, real-world testing & feedback from some of the world’s top athletes. Performance Fuel combines our exclusive 5-electrolyte formula, rapidly absorbed magnesium and premium dual-source carbs for an instant energy boost PLUS enduring energy. This is why Performance Fuel is the choice of professional athletes, premiere sporting events and elite teams to help them train harder, race faster and recover quicker.


When you take your sport seriously, you take your equipment just as seriously (sometimes even more seriously), but what about your hydration/fuel? All Endura hydration products use only premium active ingredients (such as fast absorption magnesium and dual-source complex carbohydrates) at levels backed by science to give you the best results – we don’t accept second best and neither should you! That does result in Endura being a bit more expensive than some hydration options, but Endura is still 4X cheaper than other options out there laden with cheap sugars and sprinkles of minerals.


Endura Rehydration Performance Fuel features 20 g of carbs per dose made up of two specialised carbohydrate forms (micro-crystalline fructose and maltodextrin) that are absorbed at different rates, giving you an instant boost of energy PLUS enduring energy. This helps avoid the energy hit/crash effect that can occur with single sources of rapidly absorbed carbs. The complex forms of carbohydrates also result in up to 50% greater carb absorption than single forms, which can help avoid the gut upsets that some people experience with simple sugars as the carbs are cleared out of the gut and into the working muscles faster.


Average sweat loss is around .8 - 1.4L per hour during exercise, although some tests have recorded up to 3.7L per hour in hot and humid conditions (YIKES!). Which can rapidly lead to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance if those electrolytes aren’t replaced. This is important on so many levels as electrolytes are essential for an absolute ton of functions in the body, including:

  • Muscle function
  • Nerve function (they conduct the electrical signals)
  • Fluid balance and uptake
  • Energy production
  • Blood pressure and blood acidity
  • Cellular nutrient and waste exchange
  • Rebuilding damaged tissue


“How do I know how much I’ve lost in sweat?” we hear you ask, well the answer is actually quite simple. Weigh yourself pre- and post-session, then add the volume of water you consumed during the session to the difference in weight lost - as water weighs exactly 1kg per litre, that gives you how much you fluid you actually lost e.g. if you lost 2kg (equalling 2 litres of water) during the session and drank 2L of water, your total fluid loss from sweat is actually 4L! To save yourself the calculations, we’ve created a simple tool below.


You’ve probably heard a bit of buzz around Magnesium for cramps, which is a good enough reason to ensure you’re getting enough magnesium in itself! But did you know magnesium also assists with cellular energy production and stress responses…potentially helping with energy levels and coping with the stress exercise can put your body through. That’s why all Endura Hydration formulas feature therapeutic levels of Magnesium, but not just any magnesium!


Some forms of Magnesium (such as Magnesium salts – oxide, sulphate etc.), can be poorly absorbed, potentially causing digestive problems and potentially diarrhoea – not something you want mid exercise. At Endura we use an exclusive, patented diglycinate form of Magnesium – Meta Mag® - that’s absorbed more than 8 times faster than other forms, significantly reducing the chance of gastric upsets. The diglycinate form of Magnesium is absorbed through different channels than other forms, which is why it’s absorbed faster as it isn’t competing with other minerals to be absorbed. Being highly absorbable, Meta Mag® is better utilised by your cells to create energy, keep you healthy and prevent/relieve cramps, making it one of the best choices for magnesium supplementation.

endura magnesium absorption graph

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, consult your health professional.